Tungsten Partners is an independent holdings company that owns both complete and minority interests in over twenty companies and ventures, and continues to accept new companies annually. Tungsten Partners has no outside investors within its corporate structure, but often creates Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) to invest in companies in which it already owns an equity stake. These ventures are pursuits that we find unique and distinctive, and are with companies where we believe there to be a strong potential for brand resonance and growth.

The SPVs of Tungsten Partners are funded in part by outside capital relationships. Tungsten Partners is thus the managing partner of the SPVs. Our capital partners are limited partners while the entrepreneurs run the ventures. Historically, Tungsten Partners has placed equity investor capital and debt into the companies and has structured strategic partners alongside Tungsten into its respective SPVs.

We believe that this strategy and our profile as a holdings company are well suited to support the companies we seek to grow. With no liquidity triggers, Tungsten Partners aligns itself more with the entrepreneur, where in contrast, institutional funds must often repay their own investors based on certain targets and IRR hurdles. These obligations frequently pressure the new company to take actions in the effort of growth which may work against their long term interest. In contrast, the structure of Tungsten Partners is not limited by IRR or durational term requirements. As such, Tungsten can better advise and direct its partnerships with a longer view towards value creation.

Further, Tungsten Partners is free to seek and develop relationships with any companies in which it sees potential, no matter how small or nascent that company’s plans may be at the time. Some of these ventures, while starting with simple beginnings and identified by Tungsten Partners through non-traditional indicators, have nevertheless proven to be incredible success stories by any metric.

Tungsten Partners feels that the companies in which it holds an interest are more impactful within their respective industries than their initial cash flows or ROI might suggest. These companies are innovative and disruptive within their marketplace. Fostered within the aegis of Tungsten Partners, these companies interact and evolve to form sometimes unforeseen and fruitful results within the collective environment. In recent years at Tungsten Partners, the amassed holdings have progressed into a truly interactive portfolio.

Tungsten Partners has within its four walls in Soho a diverse team in place to help our partner companies. Tungsten Partners offers and has successfully delivered for its partners: capital, investment structuring and analysis, financial and strategic advisory services, brand guidance, office space, business development, real estate services (through its wholly owned Tungsten Property), accounting, management, investment banking and merger advisory services, as well as transaction procurement. Those on the Tungsten Partners team bring a diversified range of skill sets with prior backgrounds in areas such as capital markets, architecture, design, art, real estate and technology. The relationships we build here feel at times like family and create a foundation of deep loyalty to grow our brands beyond just their immediate financial goals. We are attempting to build a new type of firm to fit the needs of the modern entrepreneur.