Combining its extensive experience in hospitality with its private equity investment heritage and its retail strategy services, Tungsten is highly active in the burgeoning field of “placemaking” in real estate development.

Tungsten has sought out distinctive projects, both large and small, across the country and globally. We help connect our clients and partners to transformative collaborations with designers, restaurants, retailers, and programming partners that have outsized media impact and which help create a sense of place because of their unique resonance and magnetism. Through its engagements, Tungsten has generated documentable increased portfolio value as well as cultural intangible assets.

New York Magazine

"Normally, it would take years for one neighborhood to develop such a diversity of attractions. But with the Ace, the whole thing comes preassembled. It’s like a hot neighborhood starter kit.""

LA Weekly

..."Tungsten is the starter kit’s invisible hand."

Current & Past Placemaking Clients


Tungsten Partners is proud to be engaged in a cultural engineering capacity on a number of unique projects with strong narratives. Additionally, Tungsten Property, Tungsten Partners' wholly owned real estate firm, holds the retail exclusive to execute upon the collaboratively conceptualized vision of the retail ground plane.

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